About BopStocks

What is "BopStocks"?

BopStocks is a stock trading simulation based on streamer JasonTheWeen's community. The stocks featured on this website are based on people on Jason's stream and are intended for entertainment purposes only. Please note that the values assigned to these people do not reflect their actual worth or qualities. We encourage users to engage respectfully and responsibly with the simulated stock market, keeping in mind that the people represented are real individuals with their own lives and reputations. Any perceived gains or losses in this simulated environment should not be taken personally. Remember, the primary goal here is to have fun and enjoy the experience!


How it works

BopStocks simulates the stock market using a complex algorithm based on two main factors: 1. The supply and demand of their stock 2. The community's perception of them So if someone is blackballed, their stock price may drop drastically. Conversely, if a person has a come up, their stock price may skyrocket. The goal is to buy low and sell high.